Linda Jacobson - CollageEnsemble
I share the sentiments of artist Joan Miro who said, "I try to apply colors like words that shape poems; like notes that shape music". Early in life I fell in love with the magic of the creative process. I am lucky to have been surrounded by the majesty of art in its every form right from the beginning. My Dad was a sculptor, and my most influential mentor. He shared with me his visual acuity and passion for nature’s beauteous forms. My Mom gave me the gift of music, and a deep appreciation for song and harmony. My childhood formed a collage of these two loves and disciplines. My work is the marriage of words and imagery. My cut paper collages are visual translations and interpretations of quotes, poems, or proverbs that convey a certain feeling, idiom, or idea. I transpose these sayings into visual compositions via the age-old technique of cut paper collage. From magazine clippings, photos, drawings, and a wide variety of colored, textured, and patterned papers, I cut, arrange, and assemble shapes that become form and subject matter. I strive to produce a balanced ensemble of elements; juxtaposing a surreal mix of fact and fantasy. I want these compositions to be playful, colorful, lyrical, and rhythmic, much in the same way that musical notes blend together to form perfect harmonies when sung. I am inspired by the work of Henri Matisse. He was a supreme colorist, who produced pleasure giving art; most notably his energized and masterful cut paper collages. He was of the opinion that art should be for the masses, and appreciated like that of “a good arm chair.” I applaud that notion. Works that transcend and delight the senses is what I want to achieve with my work. Living in wine country offers an endless array of unique imagery for me to play with, and is the launching pad of my current creations. Through my collage ensembles, I seek to offer fresh and delightful interpretations of the beauty, charm, and joy found in nature, and this magical land of wine. As Marcel Proust so eloquently states, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” Thanks for discovering my work, and embarking with me on my latest visual adventure!